Kettle, meet… Cereal?!

I tweeted this earlier but I feel my latest act of brilliance is worthy of a more thorough recap. It’s right up there with asking if Tango & Cash was ‘the one with the dog’ or mixing up my pronunciation of Kirk and Spock (I’ll leave that one to your imagination).

I’m not always a morning person. Sometimes I am, and sometimes, like this morning, I’m not. Still, time waits for no one and besides, the bins needed putting out. So I roused myself, slightly earlier than usual, then set about: emptying the food bin, putting out the rubbish sacks, feeding the cats, making tea and making myself some breakfast. At some stage, my brain decided it was time to do things a little differently. 

Yes folks, I had a eureka moment. I decided it made perfect sense to pour boiling water over my bran flakes. Mmmm, soggy. 

As realisation dawned (and why was I still pouring, even as said dawning took place???), I ordered a full reverse. The cereal was salvageable, albeit a bit warmer than I’d planned for. 

Stay tuned to see if I repeat this remarkable achievement tomorrow! 


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