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Islam, ISIS, blah blah blah

Islam, ISIS, blah blah blah

There is little question that the dominant subject in the news of late is IS. They seem to be all anyone is talking about, whether directly or indirectly (such as discussing Syria, refugees or Islam in general). As ever, this is another front of the war for hearts and minds, one with profound implications for us all.

The stabbing at a London Underground station has the potential to be quite pivotal, as, in what was a moment of pure horror for anyone there, one man – a Muslim man – shouted at the attacker ‘you ain’t no Muslim bruv’. This gesture has been trending on Twitter and hopefully will continue to do so. Here’s hoping it also has an impact upon communities as well.

It would be all too easy to give IS exactly what they want right now. After the attacks in California the calls to place tighter controls on immigration (specifically from Syria) are going to reach fever pitch. Britain is now bombing ISIS targets in Syria, joining that already messed up and complex web. This is perfect for IS, who will be using these actions as a recruitment drive, with one eye on future generations too – however many IS terrorists we kill, we won’t kill the ideology with bombs.

At what point do we stop playing into the hands of extremists?

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