iGP Manager Round 7 – Turkey

A race that doesn’t exist in F1 anymore, Turkey features a famous and long, fast left-hander as well as several bumpy regions of track. Playing on F1 2009 on the Wii (am I showing my age?), Turkey was a race I quite enjoyed, as it was quite challenging.

Practice threw up an odd variable – rain. Turkey isn’t associated with wet weather, yet the early presence of water meant being conservative with practice runs – I proceeded on the assumption that later in the day it would be dry. I was right. Qualifying saw Schumacher on pole with D Thompson behind him and the Drivezalot pair of Schneider and Morales just behind them. My best effort was 11th, from G Thompson, nearly a second down. The race translated to fairly long runs on medium tyres, with Thompson running the hard and soft compounds at some point, and Taylor sticking exclusively to mediums.

This resulted in Taylor languishing, finishing 15th, but Thompson once again took ninth, so after two races out of the points, I’ve now had two races back in the points. It’s still some way from where I want to be, but I’ve changed my approach to how I develop the car, in the hope of leaping forward a little bit.

Race winner? Dudek of 221op, some nine seconds clear of his teammate Bliss, who was some 12 or so seconds ahead of Morales. Black Arrows still lead the constructor’s race on 198 points to 221op’s 132, but recent form suggests the second half of the season will provide some close racing and a tight battle. In the driver’s standings, D Thompson still leads, but his advantage has been cut to 23 points, with Dudek in hot pursuit. The stage is set for some intrigue.

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