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Idazmi7 – Droids in Trek and Wars

Idazmi7 – Droids in Trek and Wars

I’m bored, so I’m adding to my substantial takedown of Idazmi7’s claims about the Empire and Federation by dismantling a video of his that talks about droids. This is a brief video, and the chances are he will avoid this rebuttal too, given his track record, but I wanted to put this out there anyway.

By now, the pattern of Idazmi7’s videos is one of highly biased selection. His 1.10 minute video made references to Data’s computational capacity and a brief demonstration of his strength, followed by a couple of examples from the Clone Wars cartoon of the most basic form of battle droid. As usual, he ignores a whole host of other, err, data.

Let’s start with the various types of droid in the Star Wars universe. They are designed to perform different functions – R2D2 and other similar droids are astromechs, designed to help control and repair space craft. They are equipped with the tools needed to do their job, and R2D2 himself possesses the computational capacity to interpret and understand the Death Star’s systems – as demonstrated in A New Hope. C3PO is fluent (as we are often reminded) in six million forms of communication – This is obviously very impressive and would require immense processing power as well as memory storage. C3PO was designed as protocol and interpreter droid – and this is a function he performs very well.

K2SO (from Rogue One) demonstrated the toughness of Imperial droids when he withstood repeated blasts from Stormtrooper weapons – he was a droid specialising in strategic analysis, and combat.

There have been many other droids in Star Wars, all designed with specific functions. From various war droids (including the shielded droidekas and vulture fighters), to droids made to deliver messages and carry out medical procedures, it’s pretty clear the Star Wars universe has made considerably more progress in this field.

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