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I didn’t do it – and I don’t know what it was…

I didn’t do it – and I don’t know what it was…

By now you’ll be aware that my subconscious is a mysterious place, and not even I pretend to know the murky depths of it. I got another dose of that the other night, with a dream that can only be described as odd.


Really Ben, the best description you have is ‘odd’?

Quiet meerkat. Hush. So anyway, I dreamt I was walking home – from school, except I was an adult. It’s a route that is familiar to me from my school days – I walked home, to my parents’ house, let myself in, and found myself home alone. No big deal. After pottering around the house I went to bed, only to be woken up by a loud knock at the door. What sight greeted me? The police.


Ha, your criminal past caught up with you!

I only ate one biscuit without her knowing. So anyway, there were four officers (yes, four), who had come to arrest me – for reasons they wouldn’t disclose. I didn’t want to cause a scene (even though I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be told why you’re being arrested), so I left with them. I recall getting into the police car, then waking up.

What was that all about?

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