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Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeee!

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeee!

Today marks an important Meerkat Musings milestone – today, this site turns one!


I’ve enjoyed writings pages and posts for this site so far, and it’s expanded quite rapidly – the site has also undergone a few structural changes, and I learn a little more about site management with every passing week.

As we’ve now reached this milestone, shall we take a look at something we’ve not looked at for a while – site stats?

The site has seen 6,215 views, from 2,343 unique visitors, with the UK contributing 2,084 clicks to my site, the USA bringing 1,702 clicks and Australia offering 644 clicks. has referred 465 views, BigFooty 307 views, and Facebook 288. I’ve had visitors to my site from as far afield as Malaysia and India. I seem to be quite popular with Scandinavian countries too.

What do I have planned for the coming year? Well, a lot of my posts are off-the-cuff, and this will remain the case, whilst I will continue to add pages on Formula 1 races and news. I will eventually expand my Stargate pages and I will aim to finish my pages on trains too. I hope to add more reviews as well (be they products, events, services or films/TV shows).

I also aim to complete my F1 2009 career – yes, I know, it’s a bit weird to be going through a career mode with a six year-old game, but it’s the only F1 game I have, I’ve completed two full seasons out of the three the game gives you, and I want to finish the third season! We shall see how that plays out.

So there you have it. Meerkat Musings is one!

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