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Halloween Hijinks

Halloween Hijinks

Tonight was the first time that I can think of where I have ever properly gone trick-or-treating. It wasn’t for my benefit of course – it was for my little girl – but it felt surreal and quite liberating in a way, given that I never did trick-or-treating as a kid. Having done little more than put on my Teenage Ninja Turtle onesie, I may have to make more of an effort next year. I may also need to stop eating the Halloween sweets that we still have stacks of!

October – or rather the end of October – also brings with it another liberating experience – come midnight, I will have successfully completed Stoptober, a one-month challenge to give up alcohol. I’m hardly a heavy drinker but over the summer months I’d felt like I’d over-indulged, so cutting back was important to me. Seeing this out for the entire month was important to me for other reasons too, reasons I won’t get into too much detail about on here, but suffice to say, at the time of writing this, being only a few hours away from the finish line, I feel proud. To anyone else reading this who has undertaken the same mission, you too should feel proud.

Let’s roll on November!

9 thoughts on “Halloween Hijinks

  1. Ariel Lynn

    Wow. You never went trick-or-treating as a kid? I mean, I wasn’t positive if Halloween was super big in the UK, but I still can’t wrap my head around never going!

    Did your little girl have fun? What did she dress up as?

    Also, congratulations on stopping drinking for a month, or however long if you choose to continue from here. For whatever reason you did it, I’m happy you accomplished your goal! You must’ve saved a bit of money you’d have otherwise spent on alcohol too, so that’s cool, right?

    1. DarthTimon Post author

      Never did trick or treating – not once! When I was a kid it wasn’t a big deal here, but it’s getting bigger!

      My little girl loved it! She is already taking about next year! And thank you regarding the stoptober thing – it meant a lot to me to get through it!

      1. Ariel Lynn

        Well, of all the odd traditions to take from the U.S., Halloween is the best, I think. I mean, hey, costumes & free candy!!!! (Or is it “fancy dress & sweets?” )

        What did your little girl dress up as?? I saw some real cute kids while handing out candy this year – including a little African-American girl wearing a cop outfit. She was so polite & sweet that she only wanted to take one piece when I told her to take as many as she wanted (we had very few kids & a ton of candy). I gave her a huge handful & then a piece for her Dad.

        She was definitely my favorite visitor. Well, her & the guy dressed up like Mike Myers who didn’t say a word, but “tried” (clearly joking) to take the whole big bowl of candy. He was quite amusing!

        (Sorry, not sorry, so long – Halloween is my favorite holiday!)

        1. DarthTimon Post author

          Free sweets always go down well! For her costume she went as Raven from Teen Titans – for some reason she loves Raven and so we got her an outfit for exactly Halloween! She wants to watch the new Titans series but it’s incredibly violent and full of swearing… so perhaps not!

          1. Ariel Lynn

            Hey, Raven is awesome! That’s reason enough for her to love the character.

            I haven’t seen the new Teen Titans series. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of the original series when I had insomnia & it was the only thing on in the wee hours of the morning.

          2. Ariel Lynn

            Huh. That actually sounds pretty good.

            & Deadpool was a huge, unexpected hit. I think other superhero franchises following in its footsteps isn’t a big surprise.

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