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From the Mouth of Babes

From the Mouth of Babes

Sometimes kids will mispronounce things, and it can be hilarious! They will also come out with funny stuff. My daughter frequently reminds her mother and I that ‘we’re allowed to kiss because we’re married.’ When she was smaller she would sometimes ask to watch Shrek and Fiona, but get her words jumbled and come up with something virtually unprintable…

She was travelling home on the train from a day out yesterday and chatting away to her niece (yes, my daughter is an auntie – it’s a complicated family dynamic!), who is around the same age. I was at work at this point so I didn’t get to witness this first hand – if I had, I don’t think I’d have been able to keep a straight face…

So they’re ‘having tea’ and making their purses talk… yes, talk. Then my daughter has said something along the lines of ‘and let’s not talk about the time when I shit my pants at the party!’. How my wife didn’t erupt into fits of laughter I do not know. My step-daughter thinks she actually said ‘when I lost my pants’, which is to be honest, nearly as funny, but still!

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