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    Welcome to the forum for Meerkat Musings! I honestly have no idea how successful these forums will be, but they offer up another avenue to discuss all sorts of things! It therefore goes without saying that we’ll need some rules…

    • Respect each other. This is very important. In the world of the Internet, forums are melting pots, and when there are potentially many different people from all over the world taking part, there will inevitably be differences of opinion. That’s fine, healthy even, but please please please, don’t let things degenerate into a ‘shit storm’.
    • DO NOT DISCUSS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES! This goes without saying. If you’re doing something illegal, don’t talk about it here. If you’re thinking about it, don’t talk about it here. Don’t incite others to do it. Talking about acts of crime that appear in the news is one thing, or talking about crime in the context of a bad event to happen to you or someone you know is a different matter, but if you want to promote such activities, you’ll be gone.
    • Bigotry is not tolerated. Racism, sexism, misogyny – not gonna put up with it.
    • Don’t spam the forum. It isn’t pretty.
    • Beyond that, I’m pretty relaxed. I will however say this – if you are going to make a claim, then you need to back it up. Don’t expect others to do your work for you.

    Apart from that, have fun!

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