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    By now the Nintendo Switch is firmly established as a reasonably successful console, and the unique device has attracted games such as FIFA and Doom, to go alongside Nintendo’s Zelda and Mario titles. Unfortunately, in this meerkat’s view, they have also missed the boat, so to speak, on a couple of things.

    Firstly, the Switch is the perfect format for a mainstream Pokémon game. Be it a redesigned Red + Blue, or a Sun + Moon, or even something brand new, it makes sense that a wi-fi enabled, portable console should have a proper Pokémon game. In this day and age, it could easily be cross-compatible with the 3DS. So why haven’t Nintendo realised this, or if they have realised it, why haven’t they produced one yet?!

    Another game that needs to come out for the Switch is Super Mario Maker. This was one of the Wii U’s biggest hits, and Nintendo have shown they can port titles from the Wii U to both the 3DS and the Switch, so why not Mario Maker? I would happily buy it, as I would a mainstream Pokémon title. Will Nintendo go as far as to release such titles on the Switch? They’d be mad not to, but then, Nintendo do like to be unconventional, sometimes to a fault.



    Well it seems Nintendo have heeded the desires of fans! I learned via Twitter and a very helpful fella called Lucas, that Nintendo are indeed launching a Pokemon game – a proper Pokemon game – for the Switch, at some stage next year. Oh happy days!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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