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Film Reviews: Storks 

Film Reviews: Storks 

The first of two consecutive family film reviews – Storks – is here! I know you’ve all been waiting for this one! The other film up for review is Trolls – which movie wins? In my view, it’s Storks, all the way.

This isn’t a put down on Trolls, which is a very good film in its own right, but I found Storks to be just that little bit smarter and funnier. In truth, they are very different, despite both being kids films, and so there’s an apples and oranges thing going on. My six year-old loved both films, but has declared Storks to be her favourite! 

So what is it about Storks that makes it different to the typical ‘lost soul finding one’s self’ tale (which is more or less what Storks is)? It’s the style of dialogue, which is punchy and imaginative. The characters are delightful, especially Junior and Tulip, and the scene where they desperately try to get the baby back to sleep is one every parent can relate to! The stars of the show are the wolves, though it must be said that the scene with the penguins was excellent too! 

I won’t hesitate to admit that the finale was quite sweet and moving. The film has heart, and is definitely one I could watch again!

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