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Film Reviews: Ice Age Collision Course

Film Reviews: Ice Age Collision Course

The latest instalment of the family-friendly saga about a mammoth, sabre-tooth tiger and a sloth has hit the screens and it continues the rich vein of form for the Ice Age franchise.

As always, the characters bring their charm – in particular Sid, whose idiocy pairs with eternal optimism to make him a lovable character. Buck returns for this film, and provides a frenetic energy to proceedings, in his chaotic fashion, and we see the continuation of Manny and Ellie’s adventures in parenthood, as they face up to their daughter Peach’s impending marriage.

There are little tropes and nods to other films throughout this – including an inspired ‘Armageddon‘ moment and a brilliant ‘Matrix‘ moment too. In terms of the plot, it’s far-fetched, but you have to remember this is a film aimed at kids, and it’s less about the story than the characters. Little ones (and adults) will always be entertained by the misfortunes of Scrat, who couldn’t get any more luckless, and referring back to Buck – well, he steals the show (as he did in Ice Age 3). I rate this film 8/10.

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