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Film Reviews – Blade Runner

Film Reviews – Blade Runner

Well, I mentioned the other day that I hadn’t seen this dystopian sci-fi epic, and now I have. Is it everything it was made out to be? Read on and find out!

The version in question was ‘The Final Cut’, which is important to mention because there are several cuts of this film, just to confuse things.

Was it enjoyable? Yes. Was it the amazing film I’ve had people tell me it is? No.

You can’t say that! Think of the children!

Ah, but I can say it, and just did. It was a reasonably good film, and it entertained, but it wasn’t the in-depth exploration of what it means to be human, with serious questions raised about the characters, that I expected it to be. There was the question over who (or what) certain characters were, and for me, it was obvious. Maybe I need to see a different cut, but I can’t say Blade Runner is a classic.


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