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I’m going to say something, very publicly, and without fear. I don’t mind the Star Wars prequel trilogy. There, I said it. I know there are fans who really don’t like the prequels, and I know there are fans who love them. That’s fine – no two people will like the same things.















(yes, I like the prequels, I don’t care how you judge me)

There are people who hate the prequels rather passionately. Even this is ok, for we all have things we hate. These people will sometimes vent their opinions. This is also fine – we have that right.

What irks me is when the sort of disdain someone has for a movie turns into an irrational hatred, that almost seems to require them to hate people who like that particular film. On top of that, some of the ‘analysis’ done to justify why a subjective opinion should be classed as objective fact is a joke.

Case in point is an old sparring partner who has long-standing issues with the animated film Titan A.E. Not only does this individual have a furious hatred for this film, but he objects to other people liking it. When I dared to mention that I would have no problem with my daughter seeing it, he posted a not-so-subtle jibe about my parenting skills. He has repeated this suggestion with a post on a site I won’t link to, but I will quote him:

This guy had Titan A.E as a staple of his childhood and was even allowed to see it when it first came out in theaters when he was three-years-old all thanks to his sick parents who were unwilling to set proper boundaries.

Ok, maybe I’m over-reacting, maybe this isn’t a pointed reference to whether I’d let my daughter watch it. Maybe, just maybe, it is what I think it is. If that’s the case, then not only is his rant suggesting that a PG-rated film can somehow cause trauma for children (as if a three year-old would even remember it), he is displaying once again his irrational hate for a movie.

There’s more, a lot more. This individual has moved on to the Star Wars films, and has very strong opinions on the film Fanboys, which is based on a true story.

Fanboys is set in the fall of 1998 and it revolves around a band of Star Wars junkies who take a daring cross country road trip form their home state of Ohio to Skywalker Ranch to see Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace six months prior to its release.  They feel that this “mission” of theirs so so important mainly because their terminally ill friend Linus would not live long enough to actually see TPM when it comes out in theaters and they want him to see it before he dies.  That seems like a decent fan film just form that simple description, so why to I hate this movie to death?  Let me explain the top three reasons as to why I loathe this one.

#3) There is no emphasis on reality in this movie:

Three of the main protagonists cared way more about Star Wars than any real like issue as demonstrated by Eric Bottler’s point about the real world near the beginning of the movie.  This movie has no basis in reality at all and portrays living a life of sheer fantasy in a positive light and that really ticks me off.  At least Free Enterprise featuring William Shatner has a message of having at lease SOME reality with your imagination like when Bill told Robert mix at least a little reality with his imagination.  I have plenty of reality mixed in with MY imagination, so take that Fanboys!

I’ve seen Fanboys. It’s not meant to place an emphasis on reality. By complaining like this, he demonstrates that he misses the point. The film is a fantasy journey, made poignant by both its position as based on real events, and to represent the escape from reality we all sometimes crave, especially in times of pain and despair.

With that in mind, the rest of his ‘critique’ falls apart in short order.

#2) The main protagonists BREAK THE LAW all because they are “on a mission”:

The main Star Wars fan protagonists of Fanboys are not only annoying and bigoted assholes, they are fucking criminals who will break any laws that they feel get in the way of their “mission”.  These vermin have commuted THREE crimes on their way to Skywalker Ranch.

  1. VANDALISM: In their first fight with Admiral Seasholtz and his buddies which they started, they purposely backed up their van into a Kirk vs Khan statue and broke it.  If I were present in that situation, I would have called the cops and gave a description of that distinguishable van.

  2. SPEEDING: When Hutch was speeding and one of his buddies warned him to slow down he did not pay attention.  Then flashing lights appeared form the behind since a police cruiser was following them to give them a glorious ticket!  The Star Wars crooks refused to stop for the ticket and instead decided to hit the red button and speed even a lot faster with blue rocket fumes coming out of the tailpipes and they busted a bid Darth Vader-shaped hole in a Police billboard.  They ended up in Jail bot only for a very very short time since a Judge let them go due to Bottler’s dad’s note for him to return home to Iowa.  But since those asshats were “so on a mission”, they continued their way to Skywalker Ranch.  But if I were the judge, I would have refused to let them go and keep them in their cozy little jail cell.

  3. TRESPASSING/BREAKING & ENTERING: The fanboys barge onto Skywalker Ranch without permission and when they are caught by security, they talk with Lucas and Lucas agreed to drop all charges if they were what they appeared to be which was fanboys.  Linus got to see Episode I alone while his friends waited outside due to his terminal illness.  If I were Lucas or his security guards, I would have had those fanboys arrested no matter what their reasons were for trespassing onto Skywalker Ranch.

All of the above stems from the misunderstanding I mentioned earlier. It is not meant to be taken a serious film. I am a Star Trek fan, more so than I am a Star Wars fan, and I was not offended by the playful fun poked at the rivalry between the fandoms (which, to be honest, doesn’t really exist, save for the most diehard of fans).

Linus died a few weeks after he and his buddies trespassed onto Skywalker Ranch, but that was ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE to break the law.  Plus the fanboys sexually harassed some ladies in the movie and those women rightfully gave them “the finger” for it but that is besides the point.  Realistically, they would have been charged with three different crimes in three different places and have a stiff jail sentence.  If it was certain that Linus would not live to see the opening of TPM, I would have told him to BITE THE BULLET and that he will therefore never see Episode I at all, too bad!>:-D!

I refer to my earlier statement.

#1) The very derogatory portrayal Star Trek fans and the LGBT community:

This film goes out of its way to insult Star Trek fans as a whole.  Admiral Seasholtz is literally a Star Trek fan stereotype character. The Star Wars fans who are the fucking protagonists of this movie are in fact the ones to start the fight between themselves and the Star Trek fans in the movie.  When a couple of Star Trek dudes came into a comic store Harold “Hutch” Hutchinson flat out refused to sell to them calling them “Kirk-loving Spock-Suckers”.

Plus Hutch, Windows, and Linus taking Bottler with them decide to go out of their way from their cross country trip to barge into Riverside Iowa just to pick a fight with the local Trekkers which results in the aforementioned vandalism of the Kirk vs Khan statue. Seasholtz and his friends later reappear at Las Vegas to exact revenge against the fanboys who instigated a fight with them.  William Shatner’s cameo does nothing to change the fact that this movie hates on Star Trek fans.

This movie also contains homophobic jokes and has its moments of promoting homophobia and blast, I HATE homophobia! At least Titan A.E. never ever dehumanized any real groups of people!

The film pokes fun at both sets of fans for their fanaticism but it doesn’t do so maliciously. It’s a massive leap of logic to conclude the film is derogatory to anyone. Once again, I refer back to what I said about reality.


This movies deserves worse than the harshest of criticism it has received before I chipped in my two cents.  Its protagonists of Hutch, Windows, and Linus are in fact each WORSE than Cale Tucker.  Geez, at least Cale has a FUCKING REASON to be in insufferable bastard, the Drej blowing up Earth for nothing except on a PACK OF LIES when he was only 4.  Those Star Wars fanboy characters had no reason at all to be asses and they are totally like Mike TV from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory since they are out of touch with reality.  I am a Star Trek fan myself hence I am against Fanboys for its portrayal of that group of people that I belong to.

When it comes to Star Wars, I am only comfortable with the prequels and The Clone Wars.  I fucking HATE the original Star Wars Trilogy due to bad memories, forebodings, and its atrocious fanbase.

The author doesn’t understand that this was never intended to be a serious film. It was never going to be a realistic portrayal, but rather a tribute to the idea that a group of friends wanted to help one of their number reach a milestone before he died. It’s ironic that he speaks of being out of touch with reality (emphasis mine).

The final paragraph brings me right back to my original comments. What the author is doing here is demonising fans of the original trilogy and flippantly behaving in exactly the fashion he decries.


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