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F1 Season 2 Round 4 – Bahrain

F1 Season 2 Round 4 – Bahrain


I’ll be honest, it’s been a few days since this race and I don’t have all the details of this race stored in my head. I do know that this was not an especially good race for me in the 2009 season, so I was hoping for better things here.

Qualifying wasn’t great, though I managed fifth, which was a definite improvement on 09 (13th if I recall). At the start I was able to jump to third and pursued Trulli and Button. It took me a couple of laps but I was eventually able to catch Trulli and jump Button at the pit stops. From that point on Button and I would trade places at pit stops but I would take a fourth straight win, eventually some 16 seconds clear, having once more used the three stop strategy, with all but one stint on the soft tyre. Four out of four gave me an eight point lead in the title race.

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