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F1 2016 Round 20: Brazil

F1 2016 Round 20: Brazil

We’re nearly at the end of an absorbing F1 season. This weekend sees the penultimate race, held at Interlagos, Brazil. 

This 15-corner course has seen many a memorable race and decided the fate of several titles. In 1991 Ayrton Senna took a famous win, one that forced him through the pain barrier when he could no longer change gear, whilst Lewis Hamilton has both won and lost titles here, to name but a few of the noteworthy races.

The championship could be decided on Sunday. Any result that sees Rosberg take at least seven points more than Hamilton would see him claim his first crown. Rosberg’s won the last two Brazilian races, whilst Hamilton is yet to stand on the top spot of the podium, so history is on the German’s side. Interlagos though, is not a place to assume anything. It can often rain here, which is always an unknown variable, whilst the middle sector will play to the strengths of the Red Bulls, who add yet another dimension to what should be a fascinating race. 

Will Rosberg play it safe? A win guarantees him the title, regardless of what Hamilton does. He can however, afford a second place and a third place in the last two races. What’s the smart move? For Hamilton the equation is simple – he needs a win to keep his chances alive, and keep the pressure on Rosberg. There’s plenty at stake – who will push just that little bit more?

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