F1 2009 Season 4 Round 8: Britain 

I don’t like this race, and after yesterday I like it even less (I should clarify, I love it from a spectator point of view, just not from a gaming point of view).

I just don’t get on with the track, especially in wet conditions, which would prove to be my undoing. In practice runs in the wet I was a couple of seconds off the pace and just couldn’t find a setup I was happy with. In dry runs I was there or thereabouts with the front runners, and had the race been dry, then who knows? I actually qualified on pole, and was prepared for a tough but enjoyable experience if the rain held off.

Unfortunately, the rain didn’t hold off. I lost the lead to Button at the start and from there it was all downhill. I kept running wide and losing places, which culminated in going into the back of one of the McLarens (as much an act of desperate frustration as anything else), and earning myself a 10-second stop-gap penalty. This put me to the back of the pack and I just couldn’t find the pace to catch the guys ahead of me. Before long the leaders were lapping me, and I made the decision to end my race. F1 2009 doesn’t allow you to retire, so I drove until I ran out of fuel. 

The consequences of this dire race are namely a nine-point gap between championship leader Webber and myself. I’ve won 5 out of 8 races but scored zero points in 3 rounds. The challenge will be to bounce back in Germany .

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