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Drekkie Busters – the Update

Drekkie Busters – the Update

So overnight, Kirkman1701 blocked me on Twitter, but friends of mine have made me aware of some interesting tweets that he’s continuing to make.

Of course I’m entitled to reply! Since he started the conversation, and he arrogantly presumed to tell me I cannot reply (as if that was ever a reasonable request when his opening gambit was so rude), he merely guaranteed I’d respond. I don’t take kindly to the bullying mentality this guy has, and I’m never going to accept his ‘demands’ about responding, especially given his angry rhetoric.

Yes, harassment. I wonder if Kirkman realises that he tweeted me and kept going, passionate and angry, with unreasonable requests and demands, all because he cannot accept I like a TV show he doesn’t like? Not that it bothers me, for my real name is attached to my tweets, but he’s plastered my identity on his website and Facebook page, with no regard for what that could potentially mean for my safety, whilst I have continued to guard his identity. I certainly don’t owe him that, but I’m doing that anyway.

On some level, I get it. The word ‘fan’ is derived from the word ‘fanatic’. We’re passionate. We’re motivated. We love what we love, be it music, TV shows, movies, art, books – we develop meaningful connections with these things, and we’re defensive and protective of them. In some cases, they form a psychological crutch, a safety net, a form of comfort. If that is perceived to be threatened, people lash out. That’s no excuse for coming after me, and trying to bully me into silence.

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