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‘Drekkie Busters P2’

‘Drekkie Busters P2’

I’m seriously considering this being my final response to what is increasingly coming across as an harassment campaign (not that I feel particularly harassed at this point, more amused actually). It’s risky to pour fuel onto the fire, but equally, I don’t like to let certain things go unchallenged, not least of all bullying, and this is what Kirkman1701 is doing. Despite his denial, the fact that his blog posts first appeared as we were having our Twitter conversation, and its content is exclusively about me, goes to show he is obsessive enough to make sites about people, and there’s no telling where that behaviour will lead. Since the last word will be undoubtedly more important to him, I’ll let him have it, though depending upon what else he claims, I’ll reserve the right to address at any point of my choosing (regardless of what orders he thinks he can issue to me). As before, Kirkman’s posts are in red, and where he quotes me, my remarks will be in blue.

Yesterday, I kicked off with two posts making a two-part response to one insecure Meerkat Drekkie who also excused Titan A.E’s war crimes in the fall of 2014 after he agreed to end online hostilities with me earlier that year.  He didn’t handle my respond to him at all, so he responded with this new turd ‘Drekkie Busters’.  I’ll only respond to his current words skipping his previous words and my previous words with his words in question in “italics” and my words in regular font.

“I’m getting free publicity! Well, sort of. It’s started via an article and a video that apparently marks me as a troll, because I can see someone getting taken advantage of, played like a fiddle, and financially ruined – and I don’t like to see that happen.”

Like you really care about Anas Abdin or have any of his best interests at heart, Drekkies as a whole (you being NO exception) have gone off on the man (death threats of NOT) just for trying to protect his creation from plagiarism by a show you like.  You only say you care because you’re terrified of the prospect of having a show you like being taken off the air and forced into cancellation for plagiarism.  I didn’t mark you as a “troll” and instead mark you as worse, a little control freak who’s trying to DICTATE how Anas should handle this case.  You can’t fool me since other Drekkies besides you have made similar arguments and I’m NOT even talking about those other Dreks who used violent threats.

There’s a lot of irony here, and quite a few lies to unpack. He talks of a film’s ‘war crimes’, doesn’t seem to appreciate that I’ve had nothing to do with him for years (until he came at me all guns blazing on Twitter), thinks I’m trying to tell others what to do whilst ironically trying to control what I can or can’t respond to, and appears incapable of accepting the reality that there is no plagiarism, for the case against DSC failed. He confuses advice with demands, whilst issuing demands of his own. As I said, ironic.

I’ve already briefly touched upon this, but seeing as Kirkman has set up (yes, set up) a blog to go after me, and gone as far as to resurrect some discussions that are years old, I felt it would be prudent to offer the other side of the tale. Since Kirkman has told me not reply, I am therefore going to anyway, as don’t respond to such demands. Kirkman’s words are in red, where he quotes me, the text will be blue.”

I didn’t start this blog to single you out and solely go after you, I said I’d merely start with you so if you want fewer posts on this blog about you, then you better shut the fuck up. I intended to go after various other Drekkies too and especially after Alex Klutzman.   Just because something is years old doesn’t mean that I no longer have any right to criticize it nor call anyone out on it, Iron Inquisitor and I have been critiquing RedLetterMedia Mr. Plinkett’s so-called “reviews” of the Star Wars prequels for bullying George Lucas away from Star Wars by Fall 2012 and guess what, those naughty reviews are years older than your Titan A.E. excuse violation on DeviantArt.  Let me quote something that confirms that you are a defiant cyberbully who feels entitled to harass peopel liek me when we say no, “Since Kirkman has told me not reply, I am therefore going to anyway, as don’t respond to such demands.”  You do realize that by saying that, you are harassing me and you need to learn to respond to demands to leave your opponent alone after going at their throat with many replies and/or for a long enough time since enough is enough!  Yet you’re making demands on Anas and I dressing it up as “advice” which imposers often do.

Not buying it. The timing gives things away. His blog appeared at the same time we were having our discussion, with posts aimed very clearly at me. I’m not about to sit quietly whilst someone commits a gross misrepresentation of what I’ve said – depending upon how you perceive internet conversations, Kirkman could be seen to be committing either libel or slander. I’m going to correct his claims, and I’m not going to cave in to his bullying demands for silence on my part. Making a site and singling me out in every post is more a form of harassment than anything I have done, especially when we consider he tweeted at me, and he was clearly spoiling for a fight. He wants to be free to say whatever he wants, without consequences, which is not how the real world works.

“Emphasis mine. Kirkman sought out an argument with an ill-tempered tweet, made entirely of his own volition. He’s started this spat, he’s perpetuated it, and he’s the one making unreasonable demands, all because he hates a TV show. It’s astonishing to me that anyone can hate a TV or movie to such a degree that they need to insult people for liking it. Without wanting to come across as rude, this characterises my interactions with Kirkman, and suggests a break with reality. I am genuinely concerned for someone who can harbour so much rage over a TV show.
The thing is, Abdins is being set up for a fall. His case has already failed once, and the appeal will almost certainly fail as well.”

I did make a few tweets replying to a few other Drekkies before I stumbled across your tweet to Anas Abdin.  I’m not making unreasonable demands and instead want you and other Drekkies to leave Anas the fuck alone since who do you think you are, Anas’ boss?  We don’t merely hate STD since that show is an act of entitlement to walk all over an intellectual/cerebral franchise with lowest common denominator programming and the plagiarism case you’re denying only makes it worse.  You’re concerned with me harboring so much rage over a poo-poo TV show you love because our brutally honest feelings on the matter make you uncomfortable, well too bad since that “concern” doesn’t give you the right to incessantly respond to or harass anyone who sees fault with it.  Abdin isn’t being set up to fail and you’re just trying to boss him around which BTW you’re not Abdin’s boss!  Just because he failed once doesn’t mean that STD didn’t rip-off his ideas and if the appeal fails, we will condemn STD even more and you will have to put up with even stronger STD hate from us.

Nothing alters the fact that he tweeted me with an aggressive, posturing tweet, and he perpetuated the discussion and the narrative, and he created a website to continue to perpetuate that narrative, all because I gave someone some advice, on the grounds that, unlike the anti-DSC crowd, I don’t want to see someone destroyed over a fruitless cause. Anas is being egged on by people who see this as a holy crusade, in the manner of religious fanatics, and they do not care what will happen to him when his appeal fails. None of them will lift a finger to cover court costs. In exchange for showing concern? A shower of crap from someone who thinks their opinion of a TV show justifies the rage and anger they display toward me, not to mention making a website that specifically targets me. Did Kirkman stumble over the reply button and stumble over the keyboard when he sent his initial outburst? Of course not, that required thought and purpose, hence I am justified in saying he came after me.

On top of that, Kirkman appears to want his cake and eat it, so to speak. He expects me to put up with his hate, but I am not allowed to respond to criticism of the show? It’s ironic that he talks about me trying to boss people around, when this appears to be what he’s trying to do with me.

“Actually, the issue of people being cowards and liars is very much relevant. They are urging someone to take a lot of risk, whilst not taking any themselves, and they’re doing so on a false premise. Abdin has already lost one case; there is no case to answer in terms of plagiarism. It hasn’t taken place, and Abdin will take all the flak for the failure of the appeal, not those who are egging him on to make one. They want him to take this on owing to dishonesty and cowardice.”

It’s Drekkies like you who are the real cowards and liars since you’re terrified of losing a show you like then don’t enjoy a show that is accused of plagiarism if you fear having it taken off the air.  Abdin losing the case and anti-STD Trekkies “pressuring” him to press on anyway via appeal doesn’t mean that Secret Hideout didn’t rob him.  You do realize that CBS is a multi-billion dollar company with lots of money at their disposal which explains why Anas lost despite being in the right.

I’m not worried about losing DSC, because even if there was a case to answer (and there isn’t), it wouldn’t mean the show would go off air. Anas lost the case because his claims could not be proven, which has nothing to do with finances.

“The courts would have looked at all the evidence and judged it accordingly. Whether or not CBS were apparently rude to Abdin is rather beside the point – it suggests absolutely nothing and is a desperate reach. Also, a bit more emphasis mine – feeling sorry for Anas after he’s been financially ruined by an ill-fated and ill-advised appeal won’t help him in any way shape or form. That’s a bit like urging someone to tackle a dangerous and difficult stunt, them seriously hurting themselves, and you shrugging your shoulders and saying ‘sorry’.”

The courts didn’t look at all the evidence since they were bribed and didn’t understand sci-fi concepts in particular, only general copyright law.  CBS being rude to Anas is 100% the point since if they were really innocent, they would have replied and sought to clarify the mess and resolve the issue instead of shutting him down, which is what brought the case to court in the first place.  CBS acted very defensive and like they had something to hide, and so do STD fanboys like you.

Pure fabrication from Kirkman.

“What a load of absolute rubbish. A TV show cannot be guilty of anything, so that’s an asinine statement. It certainly doesn’t offer anything regarding whether or not CBS committed plagiarism. All they show is that a small number of idiot fanatics don’t know how to behave and what lines to draw. It’s no different to the racists and bigots who object to DSC along such lines – I don’t regard them as typical of the anti-DSC crowd, and their behaviour doesn’t indicate the ‘guilt or innocence’ of a TV show”

Taking me for an idiot for sticking to my guns, aren’t we?  Even if a TV show can’t be guilty of anything, its creators themselves can be guilty of something though Titan A.E. is guilty of caring more about things than saving countless lives whereas STD is guilty of attacking pre-established Star Trek canon.  The bigots in the anti-STD crowd don’t represent me and their Brie Larson obsession for example really disturbs me.  Drekkies’ behavior does suggest that TV show and its creators’ guilt in ripping off the little guy.

I didn’t call Kirkman an idiot, but TV shows and movies are inanimate objects, as it were, which obviously cannot be guilty of anything, so I’ll call such statements absurd, as and when I see them. Regardless of the behaviour of fans, nothing changes the legal realities of this matter.

Since you’re an aspiring writer, try having a mega corp rip off your story ideas only for the court to rule against you and your supporters being accused of “egging you on” out of hatred for whatever TV show or movie plagiarized your work, see how that feels.  Don’t come crying to me if a greedy megacorp steals your ideas for a banal TV show or movie and the court rules against you.  Try showing Anas some empathy and putting yourself in his shoes for once since you really want to tie Anas Abdin up by his thumbs.

Naturally if someone stole my work, I’d be annoyed and upset. I would seek to build a strong case before acting, and if I lost because my case wasn’t strong enough, I’d be cautious about appealing, since I’d be the one to suffer the consequences of further failure. I wouldn’t consider the advice of a show’s haters to be of particular merit, especially since I’d be the one facing all the risk.

“As for only considering ourselves Trekkies if we reject DSC, that’s absurd. It’s that arrogant, elitist, quasi-religious fanaticism rearing its ugly head again. It’s the notion that some opinions carry more weight than others, even more weight it seems, than legal and copyright fact. The owners (CBS) decide what is and is not canon, and that is the fact of the matter. If any individual fan chooses not to consider Discovery as canon, that’s up to them, but it has no bearing on the legal reality. Equally, even if Discovery were a reboot, it would still be Star Trek, in the same way that the Kelvin timeline films are Star Trek. Nothing changes from a legal and copyright perspective, and no one opinion outweighs another – such an attitude, such an arrogant mindset, hardly represents the ethos of Star Trek.”

Typical of you to use the same old tired-out “elitist” “arrogant”, and “quasi-religious fanaticism” labels to ad hominem attack those who hate STD out of their love and understand for Star Trek.  The notion that some opinions carry more weight than others is 100% true since some opinions are backed up by more evidence than others and that’s a FACT and legal and copyright “fact” has no bearing on the matter since it’s based purely on merit.  The owners (CBS) have a fake “legal right” but no real right whatsoever to write any Star Trek that flies in the face of their pre-established canon yet they did so anyway in open defiance of fans who understand the series.  The Kelvin timeline is a reboot that doesn’t even mess-up the pre-established canon because unlike STD, it’s a 100% HONEST ALTERNATE TIMELINE as established in the first and third movie whereas STD lied about its time line.

I stand by my claims, for they precisely characterise the behaviour and mindset of the anti-DSC crowd, who treat this with such anger. There is, no opinion on this subject that outweighs another, and no opinion outweighs the legal realities, no matter what claims Kirkman or anyone else may make.

Sorry Meerkat Pest, STD still ain’t Star Trek especially since it’s star Mikey Spock is a “heroic” version of the Drej Queen from Titan A.E. since she used first strike for her “best policy” against the Klingorcs which caused her to mutiny against her own captain and started a war!  Mikey Spock was even arrested for her war-starting mutiny of “first strike” only to be released six months later by the U.S.S. Disgracery and serve as a crew member.  Mikey Spock and the Drej Queen are related and often downright identical in character.  Our angry tone and mindset towards STD is very much in line with and in defense of the ethos of Star Trek that STD trashed and by your warped logic, not tolerating racism, sexism, and LGBTphobia is “bigotry.”

I’m not even sure how to unpack the last sentence, since being angry, divisive and elitist are not behaviours in keeping with Star Trek. Speaking as a lifelong Trekkie (since a kid, during the first run of TNG), I can safely say DSC is Star Trek. Don’t agree? Fine. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t. What does matter is when you start dictating who qualifies as a fan, which is incredibly conceited behaviour, and the anti-DSC crowd do this in spades.

“Oh Kirkman, you were most definitely poisoning the well, since your beef was largely with Mike, and you fell hook line and sinker for the dishonest rhetoric of others who criticised him. You used that to tar the membership with the same brush, and now you complain because it’s obvious that anti-DSC trolls are happy to see someone destroy themselves, because they hate a TV show almost as much as you do. As for our truce, I commented on a poster that had been shared by a third party, I did not post comments or remarks elsewhere about you. You on the other hand, sought out an argument on Twitter, and whilst I don’t care if my real name is plastered all over your site (I have nothing to hide), I note the casual disregard for my safety in many respects, whilst I have not disclosed your actual identity. Furthermore, none of that is actually relevant to the discussion at hand, so one can only wonder at why you’re employing this particular red herring argument.”

Yes my beef was largely with Mike “SD.Net” Wong, but you participated in DEFENDING the guy against me which is what started our whole feud in the first place!  You talked about me on a StarDestroyer.Net BBS thread about response videos to Mike Wong’s website.  If you defend the person I have a beef with, then my beef extends to you for getting in my way, remember that.  Your membership to that old anti-Star Trek hobby website might explain why you don’t understand the trouble with STDs in Star Trek.  I wasn’t poisoning the well yet SD.Net has poisoned the well against its critics like DarkStar, Idazmi7, and I over the many years of its existence.  We are not happy to see Anas destroy himself and your claim that we do has no basis in reality whatsoever, so nice smear straw man.  If anyone is happy to see Anas destroy himself, it’s Drekkies like you who want to save their banal show from forced cancellation at all costs.  I didn’t seek you out and only stumbled across you when scrolling through the comments on Anas’ tweet and since you’re a familiar pest to me, I decided to reply.  That “red herring argument” you accuse me of is another quarrel I have with you after we were supposed to have a truce and was to be the topic of my following post anyway.

His ‘beef’ included tarnishing the membership of an entire online community with unreasonable claims, and included some claims/comments that distorted my position. We agreed to remove mention of one another from our respective sites/groups, but apparently commenting on a picture (not even one shared by him) constitutes breaking that agreement – I’ll leave the readers to decide if that’s correct. That was in… well, the original email exchange to ‘halt hostilities’, so to speak, was in 2014, as were the comments on the Deviant Art post in question, and since then, I’ve had nothing to do with him for five years – until he chose to come at me with a hostile and aggressive tweet. All because I actually give a damn about preventing someone from taking advantage of by others.

“I see, so I shouldn’t advise someone to ignore the trolls who don’t give a damn about him? Not gonna happen, if I see cowards in action, I’ll call them out. As for Part 2, I’ll address that some other time, but yes, Kirkman has written two posts about me. How quaint.”

You weren’t “advising Anas to ignore trolls” since the people who aback him are not trying to illicit a reaction out of him for attention’s sake and instead trying to help him fight back against a bully corporation you defend just for making a show you like!  Instead, you were trying to silence Anas with threats of legal consequences like your buddy Mike Wong did to DarkStar in the early 2000s which ended badly for Wong.  If you commentate on my second post, you will only seriously hurt me and risk reviving the emotional trauma that Silver Jedi caused me in 2009 hence I’ll consider it an ACT OF WAR!  And yes, I will respond promptly and don’t you dare post that response Friday which is on the day after tomorrow since that’s my birthday and I don;’t want anyone defending Titan A.E. on my special day since that will hurt me badly!

I’ve issued no threats. I’ve not tried to silence anybody. The trolls who are urging Anas towards an ill-fated appeal don’t understand the legal realities, and nor do they care. If Anas wins, they’ll jump around for joy, until they realise Discovery won’t disappear because of it. If he loses, they’ll claim bias, bribes etc etc, without a shred of proof or credibility. If he loses, the trolls who’ve pushed him into this action won’t offer him any help to deal with the fallout and the costs.

As for Kirkman’s rhetoric – just look at it. ‘An act of war’, for replying to his Titan A.E post. I don’t care enough about that film to reply. It’s a film – you either like it or you don’t. However, if I did want to reply, I would, and I won’t be bullied into being silent, just because Kirkman seems to think he can issue unreasonable demands, in such a threatening and aggressive fashion.

Meerkat Musings, the sooner you STOP responding to me the sooner I can stop making “Drekkiebust” posts on you in particular and surprise, surprise, the fewer “The Trouble with Meerkats” posts I’ll post on this blog.

Or alternatively, Kirkman can show some maturity and common sense, and had he done so from the start, there would be no issue to address. Instead, he’s engaged in angry, aggressive posturing, made some astonishing and unreasonable demands, and seems to have a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude. In subsequent posts about me (so far, his entire blog is about me), he’s referred to me as ‘Meerkat Herpes’ (see the screen grab, in case he deletes or changes it), and nitpicked how I express the term ‘Drekkie Buster’.

I’ve decided this will be my last post on this subject, because I choose it to be. However, I reserve the right to reply, whenever I want, at any time of my choosing. Kirkman may take issue with that, but that’s for him to deal with.

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