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Disgusting Attitudes and Noble Causes

Disgusting Attitudes and Noble Causes

In the wake of the tragic loss of Leonard Nimoy, you would think that people would be focusing on the loss keenly felt by his fans, his colleagues, his friends and of course, his family.

Unfortunately, there are some parties out there that seem determined to use this occasion to troll and berate. Most notably, the Twitter account of New York Daily News is running a big, bold headline of ‘Captain Jerk’, as William Shatner – James T Kirk on Star Trek and a close friend of Leonard Nimoy – is unable to attend the funeral.

Shatner is attending a charity function to raise awareness of and money for the Red Cross. This has no doubt been prearranged and it is a worthy cause. I very much doubt Shatner has decided he doesn’t want to go to Nimoy’s funeral in favour of this event, but he has made a commitment and he is honouring that commitment, which is what I am sure Nimoy would have wanted.

The attitude of this ‘news’ site is despicable. If you are reading this and on Twitter, I urge you to voice your disgust.

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