Customers and Service

Today has been a pointed reminder that the customer is most definitely not always right. I can’t begin to stress how much I hate this notion, especially right now.

If you buy something, is it reasonable to expect your purchase to be in good shape? I’d say yes. Got no problem with that. Having said that, if I order something, collect it, and wait over a week before opening it, is it fair to kick up a storm if the item isn’t up to scratch?  if you work in an industry which involves fitting items and is time sensitive, is it common sense to check out the items you will be working with?

It’s unfortunate when something arrives in a bad condition, but please remember folks, it’s not the store’s fault (even though the store is expected to put the problem right). We don’t have the time to check every last product we receive, and no quality control process in the world can check every product that leaves the production line. That’s not a fair expectation, so customers, snap out of that one.


Enough already!