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Celebrity Match up – Captain America vs Khan

Celebrity Match up – Captain America vs Khan

I need to reword the title – it’s not really a celebrity fight, but you know what I mean…

So, in the blue (or should that be red white and blue?) corner, we have Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America, as per his appearances in the MCU.


In the red corner, we have Khan Singh, as per his appearance in Star Trek Into Darkness.


Both are superhuman, possessing strength and endurance well beyond normal means. In a fight to the death, who walks away alive?

Rodgers has demonstrated several remarkable feats since he appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger. Aside from the obvious displays of speed and strength, he has literally thrown a motorbike with enough force to dent a jeep, prevented a helicopter from flying away by using his bare hands, and whilst he wasn’t exactly beating Loki in hand-to-hand combat, he wasn’t going down easily. Rodgers’ fights against Hydra goons showed him to be way out of their league, dispatching them like they were ragdolls. He also went into hand-to-hand combat against Tony Stark’s Iron Man and, whilst he would have lost if not for Bucky’s interference, he held his own.

Rodgers is also very accurate with his shield – a lethal weapon in his hands.

Khan’s performances are in many respects similar. His accuracy with guns in the fight scene against the Klingons was astonishing, especially given a number of the shots were fired one-handed. He stood there and took several punches from Kirk without so much as a second thought, and would have killed Spock (impressive, given Vulcans are said to have three times the strength of humans) had Uhura not intervened.

So in many respects, they are actually similar in strength, which makes this a close-run fight. If Cap has his shield (and he rarely doesn’t have it), then he has a ranged weapon and a close-range weapon, that could do a lot of damage. However, the key difference between the two is their ruthlessness, and believe it or not, Rodgers is more ruthless in many respects, which is why he wins this one for me.

Khan could have killed Spock by simply throwing him off the aerial platforms they were fighting on. Instead, he toyed with him, and as such, gave away the initiative. Rodgers is more inclined to end a fight quickly, which gives him the advantage. That said, if they were placed into an environment like say, a boxing match, it would be too close to call.

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