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No Sir, you are Wrong

So you think you’re right do you, Mr customer? On Wednesday I had the dubious pleasure of once again dealing with the false and stupid mantra ‘the customer is always right’. This poisonous idea led a customer to expect that we compensate him for potential loss of earnings and fitter work. I mean, seriously?! There… Read more

Nice Customers

Typically, my comments on work on this blog have been ones of frustration and irritation. Today’s post is not like that. Once in a while, you get a customer who is truly lovely. They are kind, friendly and put you at ease. It’s a genuine pleasure to help them and they are so grateful for… Read more

Pedantic Customers

  So a man comes into the store. He notices that we (regrettably) have 2014 calendars still out. Obviously, we shouldn’t have them out. It’s an unfortunate oversight. He tells me he’s taken a picture of them and will make head office aware. Aware of what? That we’re human beings, trying our hardest to do our… Read more

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