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If one word could sum up the past couple of days at work, it would be ‘tedious’. On Wednesday I was on my own (a consequence of rotas and conferences), but I was easily able to manage, whilst today hasn’t been that different. I keep swinging around to the idea of doing some writing, but… Read more


So right now this is my face… Why is that, you ask? Well, a flurry of customers came into the store… three groups to be precise. All three groups were interested in seeking my help, but the group that got there first were keen to haggle – every price I gave them was too much, but… Read more

The Last Gaspers 

It’s five o’clock. On Saturdays, this is when my colleagues and I finish work. It is not therefore the ideal moment to wander into the shop. You’ve had all day, yet you’ve chosen the latest point possible.  And in an age where finding out opening hours is a click of a mouse away (not to… Read more

Very Mixed Feelings

Yesterday a story broke about my former employers. It leaves me with decidedly mixed feelings, and it also serves up a reminder of the potential pitfalls of Brexit (something my current employers have also experienced, albeit in a different way). (my mood is lurching between this…) (… and this) I used to work a major office… Read more

Customer Fail

Customer: I had this product in my possession for well over two years, but didn’t go to fit it until recently, and it won’t fit properly because of a fault. Why won’t you give me a new one (or the means to get one that will fit, given this product is now discontinued)? Me: Well, as… Read more

Busy Kat

Today has been frenetic, apart from the last hour. First thing to happen is an 11am appointment that didn’t show until 11.30 – which knocked everything else out of kilter. Gee, thanks for that.

Good News!

I shouldn’t take too much glee from this, but I can’t help but be very pleased by the news I got earlier from a friend and former colleague of mine. Without going into too much detail, I learned that some rather important people at my old employer have left, rather abruptly. When this happens, it’s… Read more

No Sir, you are Wrong

So you think you’re right do you, Mr customer? On Wednesday I had the dubious pleasure of once again dealing with the false and stupid mantra ‘the customer is always right’. This poisonous idea led a customer to expect that we compensate him for potential loss of earnings and fitter work. I mean, seriously?! There… Read more

Gee, thanks for nothing!

The title aptly sums up the working day I’ve had. Today has been a case of running to simply stand still. It began with a refund, which immediately put me on the back foot. From there, I enjoyed a decent enough sale… And from that point onward, it was bitty enquiry all the way home…. Read more