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Boiling Over

I’m fast running out of patience for certain elements of work, which I’m sure are impacting my overall mood. From unscheduled deliveries that drag me off the shop floor to difficult and awkward situations resulting from a lack of clarity and direction, work is fast becoming a source of stress and even, at times, anger…. Read more


Time for a little of introspective musings. Maybe it will do some good to vent some steam. It certainly can’t hurt right? So here goes… I am fast approaching the completion of my first year at my ‘new’ job, which is a very different change of pace to what I was used to before. There’s… Read more

Moving on Up

Working in a sales environment can be stressful. The exact nature of that stress can also vary from one workplace to the next. When I worked in bathrooms (not literally in bathrooms I hasten to add!), there wasn’t a sense of competition and there were only three of us. There was always a desire to… Read more


As I approach the two-month mark at my new career (wow, that’s gone by quick!) I find myself benefiting from a better understanding of who I am and what I can do. It’s natural to approach any new job with a little apprehension, so what I am doing is reminding myself, every day, that I… Read more

Month 2

Today marked the start of my second month with my new employer, though already I feel like I’ve been there longer. The opening month has been incredibly busy, albeit it wasn’t until comparatively late that I started booking orders. I’ve had trips to Cambridge, Enfield (London) and Doncaster (four days in Doncaster in fact), plus… Read more

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