Category: Weird

The Scary Dinosaur Dream

The other night contained a surprise – namely a dino-based, terrifying nightmare. I don’t know what prompted this particular heart-pounder, but it you can bet Jurassic, it was scary. Firstly, I was working with a team of demolish engineers, who had the bright idea of burning old demolition charges to get rid of them (even… Read more


Last night’s dream was sponsored by Canada – quite why I haven’t a clue, but there you go. It started with the plane landing on a very rickety, narrow runway and took me to a hectic airport. In the midst of the chaos I found myself wearing the uniform of a tech/office supplies retailer and… Read more

Sick and Scary

Originally posted on the Nudge Wink Report: I’ve sat down on the train. I’m tired after a long day at work. I’ve actually got a headache, and I’m hoping for a quiet, peaceful journey. Will I get one… nope. Not at all. Why? Well, lurking in a nearby seat is a biological weapon, a chemical bomb,… Read more

Historical Dreams

So the title is slightly misleading. I’m not dreaming of period dramas or ancient Roman battles. I’m actually dreaming about my own past. To begin with, I’ve had two dreams involving my school chums. The details are a little vague, but one of them appeared to involved taking my wife to a school reunion of… Read more