Category: Weird

The Scary Dinosaur Dream

The other night contained a surprise – namely a dino-based, terrifying nightmare. I don’t know what prompted this particular heart-pounder, but it you can bet Jurassic, it was scary. Firstly, I was working with a team of demolish engineers, who had the bright idea of burning old demolition charges to get rid of them (even… Read more


Last night’s dream was sponsored by Canada – quite why I haven’t a clue, but there you go. It started with the plane landing on a very rickety, narrow runway and took me to a hectic airport. In the midst of the chaos I found myself wearing the uniform of a tech/office supplies retailer and… Read more

Sick and Scary

Originally posted on the Nudge Wink Report: I’ve sat down on the train. I’m tired after a long day at work. I’ve actually got a headache, and I’m hoping for a quiet, peaceful journey. Will I get one… nope. Not at all. Why? Well, lurking in a nearby seat is a biological weapon, a chemical bomb,… Read more

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