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Guns and Stats

The following is part of a discussion I’ve been having on the issue of gun control in the USA. Where I’ve read the article, which appears to focus more on the left/right political divide in the US, rather than focusing on the problem of gun crime and how to stop it. The fact remains –… Read more

Intrigue in Austin – the 2017 USA Grand Prix

The Formula 1 train pulled into Austin with Mercedes on the brink of their fourth consecutive constructor’s championship, and Lewis Hamilton on the edge of his fourth driver’s championship. It also saw Carlos Sainz make his Renault debut, New Zealander Brendon Hartley made his F1 debut with Toro Rosso, and Daniil Kvyat briefly returned to… Read more

Goodbye IMDb Boards

After several years, the powers that be at IMDb have finally decided to call time on their message boards. In this meerkat’s view, this is long overdue. These forums have long been a hotbed of racist, bigoted, misogynistic posts, and meaningful discussion has been a hopeless dream. I will admit to a certain sense of… Read more

It is Time

So. It has begun. The Orange Scourge rises. Donald Trump, the man with less votes than the woman who lost, has become President of the United States. And an all-seeing eye, breathed in flame, took up residence in the White House, and did throw a tantrum every time he was mentioned on Twitter. #DarkLordTrump  So… Read more

The 2016 US Grand Prix

  Round 18 of the 2016 F1 season brings us to Austin, Texas, for the US Grand Prix – the fifth time this venue has hosted the race. A circuit that has proven popular with drivers, due to a cherry-picking of elements from other tracks that has actually worked quite well, Austin has also proven… Read more