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TV Show Challenge Day 5

Today’s challenge is to choose a favourite TV show character. Jeez people, could you be making this any harder?! There are many characters I’ve warmed to over the years, and many that have entertained me. How do even begin to narrow this list down? My favourite turtle is Michaelangelo. The character I identify with the… Read more

TV Show Challenge 4

Today is the turn of animated show, and this promises to be difficult. There are many options, all of which have their appeal and sifting through them won’t be easy. As a kid I loved Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (they weren’t referred to as Ninjas back then). There were also several Disney shows (Duck Tales… Read more

July TV Show Photo Challenge 3

Today’s entry is favourite crime show. This is easy. The one that stands head and shoulders above the rest for me is Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch’s interpretation of the calculating genius is exceptional, and the show is extremely well written. The cast is strong (the guy who plays Moriarty is brilliantly manic) and the whole show… Read more

The Doc is Back

So the mysterious Time Lord known as The Doctor has returned to our screens after what has felt like an age. Capaldi’s first full appearance treated us to the usual post-regeneration fare of a confused and disorientated Doctor trying to remember who he is, whilst Clara tries to adapt to this radically changed man (especially… Read more

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