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Star Trek Discovery 

It won’t be long now before the sixth series of Star Trek hits the TV screens. Annoyingly, the plan is to air Star Trek Discovery behind a ‘pay wall’, namely by sticking on the streaming service Netflix. To be, this goes against the ideals of inclusiveness and openness that Star Trek is all about. Yes,… Read more

The Doctor is a Woman!

Meet Jodie Whittaker. If you’re like me, you’ll be completely unfamiliar with her past work. She’s been in a showed called Broadchurch (alongside a former Doctor as it happens), but I’ve never seen it. I cannot therefore pass judgment on her acting ability. I can talk about the kerfuffle that’s erupted over her reveal as… Read more

Star Trek Discovery

After several delays, we finally got our first proper look at the next installment of the Star Trek saga today, with glimpses of new characters, the ship herself, new-look Klingons and some of the settings. So, being a huge Trekkie, what are my thoughts? It’s Star Trek, which is in my DNA. The overriding message… Read more

October Photo Challenge Day 3

Day three is favourite scary episode, and I guess I would have to loop back to Z Nation and go all the way to the pilot. This featured a zombie baby that was very  quick and this led to me having a nightmare about being chased by one. 

October Photo Challenge Day 2

Favourite scary TV show… Hmm…  The only show to trigger an actual nightmare would be Z Nation, which is pretty ironic given it’s a tongue-in-cheek take on the zombie apocalypse idea. It’s a fun, entertaining show but not really scary.  To be honest, there aren’t that many TV shows out there I regard as scary…. Read more

Not liking Ricky Gervais

Every now and then I’ll say something like ‘I don’t like The Office‘ (the English version) and that I don’t find Ricky Gervais funny. When I do that, I tend to attract this:                 What can I say? I just don’t find his type of comedy amusing. His… Read more

TV Show Challenge Day 31

So we’ve arrived at the finale! It is fitting then, that the final challenge is favourite season finale! The very final episode of Deep Space Nine was and is a moment for me that felt pretty powerful. DS9 was the most thought-provoking of all the Treks, and the final episode brought us the conclusion to… Read more

TV Show Challenge Day 30

Saddest character death. I’m going to spring a surprise or two with this one. First up is the young king everyone loves to hate, Joffrey from Game of Thrones. His death isn’t sad because you mourn the passing of the character. It’s sad because as he passes away, you are reminded that for all her… Read more

TV Show Challenge Day 29

After yesterday’s best cliffhanger, comes worst cliffhanger. This is much more difficult. I suppose ‘worst’ might be when the outcome is pretty obvious as to what comes next. VOY’s season 5 finale Equinox featured an apparent moment of peril for Captain Janeway, but she was never likely to die. The destruction of a ship in… Read more