Favourite scary TV show… Hmm… 

The only show to trigger an actual nightmare would be Z Nation, which is pretty ironic given it’s a tongue-in-cheek take on the zombie apocalypse idea. It’s a fun, entertaining show but not really scary. 

To be honest, there aren’t that many TV shows out there I regard as scary. supernatural has had one or two moments but has gone quite stale, The Walking Dead is less about the scare and more about the struggle, and The Strain is more action-based in my view. I therefore can’t answer this one. 

Every now and then I’ll say something like ‘I don’t like The Office‘ (the English version) and that I don’t find Ricky Gervais funny. When I do that, I tend to attract this:










What can I say? I just don’t find his type of comedy amusing. His Brent character is annoying, not funny, and Gervais himself is overrated. There, I said it.


So we’ve arrived at the finale! It is fitting then, that the final challenge is favourite season finale!

The very final episode of Deep Space Nine was and is a moment for me that felt pretty powerful. DS9 was the most thought-provoking of all the Treks, and the final episode brought us the conclusion to the Dominon War, as well as the final showdown between Sisko and Dukat. It also wrapped up a number of other character arcs, and felt like a definite ending (unlike TNG, as it was well known films about that crew were on their way).

Quantum Leap managed to give us a powerful ending too. Al was finally reunited with the woman he loved, but shockingly, we learned Sam never made it home. That was a real gut punch.

The Shield ended on a note both satisfying and disappointing. Vic Mackey was forced behind a desk, something he found demeaning, but he escaped the harsher fates that befell his colleagues, and so in many ways, got off lightly.

Spartacus pulled no punches with a finale that was true to history. It was a sad, bleak ending, but it was honest.

I suppose if I must make a choice, then due to nostalgia, I choose Deep Space Nine.


Saddest character death.

I’m going to spring a surprise or two with this one. First up is the young king everyone loves to hate, Joffrey from Game of Thrones.

His death isn’t sad because you mourn the passing of the character. It’s sad because as he passes away, you are reminded that for all her faults, his mother Cersi is losing a child, which is the worst, most unimaginably painful experience anyone can face.

This brings me to the saddest character death I can think of, one that still feels like a punch to the gut whenever I think of it. The end of season 2 of Spartacus features Lucretia forcibly takes Ilithyia’s baby, and then ‘joins’ her dead husband, by stepping back off a sheer drop, with the baby still in her arms.

If I said that scene brought tears to my arms, it would be an understatement.


After yesterday’s best cliffhanger, comes worst cliffhanger.

This is much more difficult. I suppose ‘worst’ might be when the outcome is pretty obvious as to what comes next. VOY’s season 5 finale Equinox featured an apparent moment of peril for Captain Janeway, but she was never likely to die. The destruction of a ship in SG1’s season 9 finale never actually set up the possibility of main characters dying.

I think the worst cliffhanger I can think of recently would be any one of a number from Supernatural. They strike me as being pretty contrived a lot of the time, especially when you know nothing will permanently happen to the main cast.


Favourite Season Finale Cliffhanger!

This is easy.


Best of Both Worlds ended season 3 of TNG on an incredible note. Captain Picard had been captured and assimilated by the Borg. The Borg ship was on its way to earth, intent on wiping out humanity, and the crew of the Enterprise had one chance to stop them. Commander Riker gives the order to fire… And To be Continued appears. Pure television gold.


Day 27 is ‘best special effects’.

There have been a lot of FX in various genres that can best be described as mesmerising, albeit for different reasons. The work across the various Star Trek shows could be considered ground-breaking for their time, and the FX used on action shows like Spartacus deserves a mention for the way in which they managed to depict gruesome deaths without actually killing anyone!

In fact, Spartacus deserves a lot of credit here, for the show’s seemingly basic appearance defies deeper, more subtle work. A lot of effort has gone into some mightily difficult scenes, many of which are chaotic.

Likewise, Game of Thrones deserves a mention here. The huge landscapes, the dragons, massive fleets of ships and the Walkers are all incredible to look at, and represent how CGI can combine with good old-fashioned sets to create a living, breathing world.

I would actually go as far to say that Game of Thrones takes the crown today, for its incredibly detailed worlds.



Favourite sci-fi show!

Now we’re cooking. Where do I begin?!

There’s the venerable Doctor Who, with the mysterious figure of the Doctor and his adventures.


There’s Babylon 5, which delved into mythology in a clever way.


There’s Stargate SG1, one of my all-time favourites.


The winner though, is the Star Trek show that broke the rules – Deep Space Nine. What becomes the supposedly perfect society when its back is against the wall? How does a commander and his crew keep the peace and cling to their ideals when on a space station at the edge of the frontier, in a war-torn system, surrounded by others who don’t share those ideals? What is the professional and personal toll upon the crew in those circumstances?

DS9 wins.


So, just who is my favourite TV show cop?

A good question and one I am struggling to answer. I wish I could define Sherlock as a cop, but he’s a private consultant! Gene Hunt of Life on Mars is a ‘unique’ character but I don’t think I can call him my favourite.

I’ve never really cared for the likes of Colombo, and I’ve never really watched cop shows to the extent where I could I pick a favourite. This is another entry that I’m going to have to pass on!