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Is this Fair? I can’t speak for everyone, but if you’re familiar with the case of Brock Allen Turner (see the link above for the details) then hopefully you’re as outraged as I am that he’s gotten off lightly, with a six month sentence because a long sentence might unduly affect his future. Oh boo-fucking-hoo. The victim… Read more

Misandry – or Misogyny?

Prowling the web as I sometimes do, I came upon an ‘interesting’ piece written about greater life expectancy for men in Sweden. The paragraph below caught my eye: Still, well over 90% of industrial deaths are male – showing the push for “equality” is only in areas of society that provide exclusive benefit to women,… Read more

Free Speech and Hate Speech

There’s been some stuff in the news lately about some of the web’s biggest platforms (Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) agreeing to do more to tackle hate speech online. Already on Twitter there is a trending hashtag: #Istandwithhatespeech. The backlash to the Big Four’s move is two-fold. Some genuinely fear this is oppressing free speech… Read more

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