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Gun Twits on Twitter

Allow me to preface this post by pointing out that I am well aware there are millions of responsible gun owners out there. Sadly, there don’t appear to be many on Twitter, as the following demonstrate: First up… Your car is a deadly weapon so ban it and get rid of it so you don't… Read more

Star Trek and Gun Control

But unusual this one, but I dislike seeing something I love being misappropriated to support the foolish notion of unfettered access to deadly weapons as somehow being a good thing. Regarding Star Trek and civilian gun rights, this thread will be my running list of examples, since a lot of people are mistakenly claiming that… Read more

Film Reviews: Black Panther

Welcome to a revolution. The 18th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yes, eighteen and still going) is a cultural tour de force, a reckoning for how African cultures are portrayed, as well as providing a platform for black people that’s been sorely needed. Beyond that, the film is very good, throwing up some interesting… Read more

Defenders of Evil

I am not an easy-to-anger person. I like to believe I am quite calm, even if I have my moments. However I have zero time or tolerance for this: Another victim of feminism. Mark Salling was about to go to prison for 4-7 years for the victimless crime of child porn, but instead killed himself?… Read more

The Gun Response

This is the final part of a little discussion I’ve been having regarding guns, with one ‘Virus-X’. This final part of the exchange formed my final comment to him on this matter, which firstly got put into a moderation queue (not necessarily unusual), and then disappeared. I therefore post it here, and have also archived… Read more