So, it’s time for the latest bi-weekly site stats update! (I can tell you’re all trembling with excitement – which page is soaring high, which nation is scoring the most hits???).

The past two weeks have seen a dramatic surge or two with activity, but then, this corresponds to a more aggressive marketing strategy. So, lets see where we are:

The USA is currently top of referrals, with 581. The UK is second with 517, and in third is Australia with 279. Canada is fourth on 136, and Slovenia is fifth on 34. I’m not going to include every last hit from every last nation now, because frankly it’s a long list! It does seem that my site is garnering quite a following in eastern Europe – Slovenia, Finland, Latvia, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Croatia have all registered hits to my site.

In terms of site referrers, is way out in the lead on 274, with Bigfooty some way back on 126. Starfleet Jedi is third on 46, and search engines are fourth with 36. Fifth is Twitter, on 27.

Tune in at the end of the month for more!

Lately I’ve been getting some good feedback on my Terminator pages from the good denziens of, and as such I plan to make some modifications to those pages, giving credit where it’s due. I also plan to update my Star Trek vs Star Wars page, based on feedback from the good people of Starfleet Jedi. Precisely when this happens is anybody’s guess (I am currently working on a huge project on Movellas that will hopefully be epic!), but rest assured, these updates will happen!

Is there anything else planned? Well, I still need to have a thorough look at my Wix site and see what else (if anything) is worth being ported to here. There are a few possibilities, so stay tuned!

So, it would appear my Creationism page has generated a fair bit of discussion (especially on BigFooty), accounting for the vast majority of recent visits to my site – though in fairness, I’ve more aggressively pushed this page than I have the others. I’m quite pleased that it’s got the attention it’s gotten – it means my site is getting attention too!

I am soon going to put into motion a few changes to this site – a re-organisation of it, with a new main heading – Sci-Fi Analysis, that will encompass any discussions or pages on things like Star Trek vs Star Wars, among other things. This will group things more nicely. I also plan to add a page about the Terminator films – which I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed!

Stay tuned for these updates!

So, we are now at the start of September. This site has been running for just under one month. Time for an update on the site stats!

The all-time referrer to my site so far is Bigfooty, with 61. Starfleet Jedi is in second place with 36, then iMDB is in joint-third with 20. Sharing third spot is the category of Search Engines.

Twitter is fifth with 19 people clicking to my site from there, is sixth with a score of 17, Facebook accounts for 15 clicks, then, oddly, Facebook again (not sure why it’s divided into two categories) with 7. Sharing seventh place goes to a Weird Al link (eh?) with 7, is level with Movellas on 5. The WordPress Reader has 2 clicks, as does yet another Facebook entry, and in last is another iMDB entry.

By country, the UK is top with 195 hits coming from right here in Blighty. The US is second with 165 views, Australia is third on 109, Slovenia is fourth with 29 (am I big in Eastern Europe?). Thailand is fifth with 24, then Canada is sixth with 13.

New Zealand is seventh with 8 referrals, Finland and Ireland are next (both are on 4), Spain has 2, and Norway, Denmark, Japan, Malta, Russia, Portugal and Croatia are all on 1.

So, there you have the current breakdown! Another one on the 1st of October!

I am currently still sans laptop charger so my ability to post comprehensive updates to my site is limited – therefore I’ll briefly discuss what I have planned.

Firstly, I’ve received some welcome and useful feedback on my site via the WordPress forums – thank you to Sunrader for your comnents! I plan to act on this as soon as I can!

I also want to add pages about The Terminator, alien life and The Legend of Zelda. These ideas are currently bubbling away, and should come to the boil nicely soon.

So, my site has been up and running for a couple of weeks now, and so it’s time to look at the breakdown.

As of the time of this post, has contributed the greatest number of views to my site (with 13), Big Footy is close behind with 11 referrals, Starfleet Jedi is in third place with 8, Twitter is next with 7, then there’s a bit of a gap to fifth place with iMDB contributing only 4 views. Facebook follows with 3, then, bizarrely, it’s Facebook again with 2 (not altogether sure what’s going on there), search engines have only led to one view, and finally, Movellas has yielded 1 view.

By country, the United States is way out in front, contributing 71 views. Britain is next with 53, then Australia with 19. Canada is fourth with 8, Finland are next up with 4, and Denmark and Ireland are both on 1.

It’ll be interesting to see who’s still leading at the end of the month!

I recently advertised (for lack of a better word) my site on the forums at StarfleetJedi, and I would like to thank Mike DiCenso for his feedback thus far on my ‘versus’ pages. I hope to address his feedback at some stage in the not-so-distant future.

It’s always nice to hear from people about how your site or blog is progressing. Feedback – whether positive or negative – means you no longer feel like you’re operating in a vacuum.

It’s also nice to get feedback which isn’t simply ‘you suck!’ Constructive criticism is far more valuable than anything, even (or perhaps especially) praise.

Hopefully, as I expand my site and its pages, I shall be lucky enough to receive further feedback – and hopefully, I will find the time to act on it!

So, after a fair bit of time and effort, and patient coaching from my brother, I finally have Meerkat Musings up and running! This site will now take over the role of my Wix site, and it will incorporate my darthtimon.wordpress blog as well. The Wix site will remain up and running for the time being, whilst I harvest it for parts… err, material, and to advertise this site.

I hope to entertain and educate! Or at least amuse. We shall see…