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Pushing the Forums Yes, I am pushing the forums all of a sudden – why? Because communication and interaction and discussion are the fountains from which ideas and learning come from. If you want to take part, please sign  up and we’ll take it from there!


So I decided to remove the Disqus platform from the site as it’s not had the desired effect. The Disqus site tells me comments made via Disqus will be migrated back to WordPress. It has not, as far as I can tell, migrated a single comment. Grrr!

A New Look

If you’ve stopped by and noticed a very different look today, it’s because I’m experimenting with a new look for the site. Just like big brands rebrand every so often to stay fresh, so must I! I’m not settled on this particular look, but will give it a trial run – let me know what… Read more

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