Category: Science

Rock of Ages

By now it should be thoroughly apparent to my followers that I have little patience for creationism. It’s an unscientific idea that undermines efforts to understand the world we live in. To be a creationist you need to first ignore fields of study like geology, biology and astronomy. You need to be capable of either… Read more

Nope, not Gonna

Having recently gotten involved in several heavy discussions, I’m now looking at some of the absurd arguments being made by anti-vaccers. Yes, there are people out there who believe vaccination is dangerous and the evidence for its success is all part of a big, money-grabbing conspiracy. I mean, seriously?! I have little patience for conspiracy… Read more

Faith Healing

This post started life as a comment to the Theology Archeology site, regarding TA’s latest post, this time about faith healing. I had hoped that they would be prepared to enter into a discussion about it, but they declined to publish my comment. This is their prerogative – it’s their site. Edit: TA has now… Read more

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