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Gatekeeping Episode IV

The blocked out word is one I hate using but it’s a very crude expletive, for those who are wondering. I don’t particularly care for the sentiment expressed by the tweet this ‘John’ is replying to, but the grossly offensive remarks by Mr Price and his subsequent attitude when challenged, is exactly the sort of… Read more

The Gatekeeping Continues

Hot on the heels of this post, comes another terrific example of the Star Trek fandom’s problem with gatekeeping – I’ve plucked only three tweets, but there are plenty more from this guy. He’s actually inspired a video for my YouTube channel, which delves further into this murky set of ideas. That’s like saying you… Read more

Star Trek and Gun Control

But unusual this one, but I dislike seeing something I love being misappropriated to support the foolish notion of unfettered access to deadly weapons as somehow being a good thing. Regarding Star Trek and civilian gun rights, this thread will be my running list of examples, since a lot of people are mistakenly claiming that… Read more

Addressing the Lie

I’ve been accused of running a hate site. Specifically, a hate site against this fellow. It’s true that we have had several disagreements and it’s true we have exchanged harsh words in the past, but what’s not true is that I have ever ran a site that directed hatred toward him. Such accusations have never… Read more

Poisoning the Well

Insta-follow! Watch out for the vicious STD trolls, though. (#Tardifan don't like when you point out the #StarTrekReboot isn't #TrueTrek). — ST-v-SW.Net (@STvSW) November 3, 2017 Following on from conversations mentioned here and here, comes a slightly more revealing look at the animosity that’s on display toward not only Star Trek Discovery, but also its… Read more