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Some Words of Wisdom

To the (admittedly small) readership I have of this site, I wish to present to you a very wise and considered, thoughtful appraisal of what gay marriage means to one particular Baptist Pastor. His words are worth heeding, especially for those who would use their religion as a basis for bigotry or discrimination.


Anyone who follows this site will know that I am generally left-leaning when it comes to societal/political matters. I am in favour of gay marriage and I abhor discriminatory and bigoted behaviour. I have no patience for creationists and their pseudoscience. I find myself more drawn to left-wing political parties (such as Labour) than I… Read more

Radical Feminism

I’ve agonised a few times as to whether I should write this particular article. It’s something that first popped onto my radar a few years ago, when I came across a deeply flawed review of the sci-fi series Firefly, which suggested the show condoned a lot of anti-women behaviour, and even implied the show’s producer… Read more

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