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The Trump Trip

In yet another demonstration of his ignorance, not to mention another revealing look at how out of touch he is, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage (chief architect of the lie that the NHS would receive an extra £350 million a week post Brexit) was up in arms over plans to float a Trump ‘manbaby’ balloon… Read more

Are we Enjoying This Yet?

Another week, another Brexit-related crisis. The Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson have both resigned as the government lurches, seemingly without much control, toward some kind of deal with the EU over how things like trade and immigration will work, post-Brexit. I have said it before and I will say it again… Read more

Great Britain…?

This is The Sun’s typically sensationalist headline this morning: In one sense, as MPs prepare to vote, they’re right – in this meerkat’s humble view, voting through a half-baked, semi-disastrous Bill would constitute a betrayal of the public. It certainly wouldn’t help the country in either the short term or the long term. In another… Read more

Trump’s ‘Legacy’

It appears Trump actually wants his career to be defined by Obama. Trump’s far superior predecessor set about trying a diplomatic, positive approach to the world’s problems – no, not every idea was a workable one, but the effort and the endeavour to leave a better world was there. The Iran deal was one such… Read more


Do we want to have a look at what an apparently hardcore defender of conservative values thinks of one of the US Constitution’s most important elements? For the record, if you think democracy is not enshrined in the Constitution, take a look here: Here’s the key bit… Section 2 1: The House of Representatives shall… Read more

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