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The ABC Music Challenge Day 10

Day 10 is another letter that had me worried. In fact part of yesterday evening was spent racking my brain. Continuing the theme of choosing the first band or artist to pop into my head, today’s answer was a light-bulb moment. J is for…. Jamiroquai!

The ABC Music Challenge Day 5

  Today is ‘E’, and the only band or singer to pop into my head is Ella Henderson (though as I type, Ellie Goulding also pops in there). I’ve only actually heard two Ella Henderson songs – ‘Ghost’ and ‘Glitterball’, and I only actually like ‘Ghost’, but since she’s the only artist I can think… Read more

The ABC Music Challenge Day 3

  A band or artist that beings with ‘C’. Christina Aguilera. She was a product of the same Disney club that gave us Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Often seen as a ‘rival’ for Britney, the truth is, Christina has a very different voice (a much stronger voice if you ask me) and tends to… Read more