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Secular vs Faith

Not for the first time since my little sparring match with him, the author of (I’m not turning it into a hyperlink anymore, as frankly I don’t see why my site should point directly to his) has come out and demonstrated his misunderstanding of how a fair and equal society should work. For the… Read more

Feeling Vindicated

It’s quite a satisfying feeling when you realise that you’re right about something, especially if the argument/dispute has been quite bitterly contested. Well, the other day I got to enjoy that feeling. (oh yes, lets rub those hands together with glee!) As anyone who has followed this site and blog is aware, I’ve had a… Read more

The Pantheon of the Gods!

I am feeling honoured. Soon I will be guest-writing for the Nudge Wink Report, a community of what I could best describe as witty banterers (yes, I made that word up, but I like it, so ner). Many thanks to Tom of Shouts from the Abyss and BlogDramedy of Upside of Sideways for the opportunity… Read more