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My First Podcast!

As I prepare for a special and fun moment on Saturday, I thought I’d get into the groove for it with my first podcast! I published my new episode The darthtimon's Podcast, please check it out! #podcast #StarTrek #StarWars #Nintendo #Formula1 — Ben Berwick (@darth_timon) September 12, 2018

A Letter to Paul

I recently discovered a very entertaining blog called The Captain’s Speech. If you don’t already follow it, please check it out, it’s brilliant! The author, Paul, recently undertook a mammoth task of writing letters to people who requested it of him. Given he has well over a thousand followers, I will for once be grateful… Read more

Angry People

Let’s chew on the below screenshot of a particularly ‘interesting’ Twitter conversation: Ok, let me see if I’ve got this right – I am a ‘fag’ (a homophopic term for a homosexual), who ‘hates men’. (the stupid, it hurts!) There’s quite a bit more to this story, but isn’t not really mine to tell. Stay… Read more

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