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A Back Scratch

As Paul from The Captain’s Speech has kindly responded to my shameless request to promote my forum, I feel it only good and right to return the favour and make mention of his own, very witty and funny site! Please check it out!

Goodbye IMDb Boards

After several years, the powers that be at IMDb have finally decided to call time on their message boards. In this meerkat’s view, this is long overdue. These forums have long been a hotbed of racist, bigoted, misogynistic posts, and meaningful discussion has been a hopeless dream. I will admit to a certain sense of… Read more

A Letter to Paul

I recently discovered a very entertaining blog called The Captain’s Speech. If you don’t already follow it, please check it out, it’s brilliant! The author, Paul, recently undertook a mammoth task of writing letters to people who requested it of him. Given he has well over a thousand followers, I will for once be grateful… Read more

Let’s Play a Game

Twitter is not distinguishing itself of late. Declare yourself a supporter of something and be prepared to reap a truck-load of abuse – some subtle, some not so much. My previous post detailed the sort of post that can arise for daring to say you support feminism (or that you consider yourself to be a… Read more

Angry People

Let’s chew on the below screenshot of a particularly ‘interesting’ Twitter conversation: Ok, let me see if I’ve got this right – I am a ‘fag’ (a homophopic term for a homosexual), who ‘hates men’. (the stupid, it hurts!) There’s quite a bit more to this story, but isn’t not really mine to tell. Stay… Read more