Category: Fiction

The First Time

It was the letters that moved her to tears. Hunched over one of the many cardboard boxes that summed up a different part of her late husband’s life, she could not help but recall the circumstances behind each one. Happy moments, joyful times, all now gone, never to be repeated. It was as though he… Read more

Techno Fail 13

The police station was busier in the morning as Adjoa and Stephen stepped into their office. They smiled and said their hellos to the other officers, who were getting themselves teas, coffees, and the energy drinks that Adjoa privately thought ranked among the most disgusting things ever invented. The two friends took to their chairs… Read more

Techno Fail P12

“He is here. I will dispatch him.” The computerised voice said over the secure phone line. “I have also taken steps to end the police investigation.” The line went dead as Lanker’s contact hung up. Lanker rubbed his eyes, took note of the time (3.30am), and decided to try and get a little more sleep…. Read more

A Man without Shadow

He opened his eyes. Took a gasping breath, and leaned up, coughing as he did. A sharp pain jolted through his left side, and he grimaced. His hand went to instinctively clutch at the hurting region, met with cloth that had been torn or sliced through. The dull grey and beige rags adorning his body… Read more

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