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An Addendum

In my previous post I was quite reflective on taking the time to notice things and learn about the world around us – after the frightful events in Belgium earlier today, this takes on greater significance. We don’t know what’s around the corner. We take too much for granted and we move through life with… Read more

Return of the King

Eleven and a half years ago, a few months after we met, my wife and I booked a weekend in London – a quiet hotel on a November weekend. I had no idea of the surprise she would spring upon me. Sitting on the corner of the bed, she produced an envelope and gave it… Read more

A Letter to my Daughter

I’m staring at a blank page, fingers poised above the keyboard, wondering what I will say to you as I write this. Right now, you are five years old, you are almost unbelievably sweet and adorable – except I do believe it, since you’re my little girl, daddy’s little princess. Do you drive me mad… Read more

The Year that was… 2015

As 2015 slowly winds down (I’ve started to write this at the end of November), I find myself moved, as always, to compose my thoughts on the year gone by and jot them down. Where to begin? Work It’s my professional life that has seen the most change this year, with drama from the start…. Read more

Unwelcome Visitors

Recently my wife, daughter, step-daughter and her daughter spent a week in Great Yarmouth. It was nice to get away from all the stresses and strains for a short while, and we crammed quite a lot into that week, including swimming, a trip to the Sea Life centre, bouncy castles and a whole lot more!… Read more

Things to look forward to

As February slowly gives way to March (crawling slowly on its belly as it happens), I look back upon the first two months of the year with… well, I don’t think regret is the right word but it’s the only word that springs to mind. The two jobs I was especially keen on landing both didn’t work… Read more

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve, I am at work (yes, work – my employers know no mercy), and I feel exhausted after yet another early start, but I am heading into the big day determined that it will be a good Christmas. (Nearly) everything is wrapped, five-bird roast is bought and ready, decorations are up and we’re nearly, nearly there. To… Read more