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Brexit leaders ‘leaving the boat’ – EU Commission boss Juncker – BBC News

Brexit leaders ‘leaving the boat’ – EU Commission boss Juncker – BBC News

It’s hard to disagree. Having won the referendum, first Boris Johnson and now Nigel Farage have distanced themselves from any responsibility for the aftermath. With the Bank of England concerned about the impact of Brexit and the FTSE still down 8% from where it was, there are fears Britain could be heading for another recession. Meanwhile, our leaders are abandoning the ship. David Cameron jumped as soon as he could, and as already mentioned Boris has declined to run for the role of Tory leader.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn continues to come under fire at Labour, with the possibility of a leadership challenge. This is trumped up nonsense for the most part, but the impact of this means the two major political parties in this country have been thrown into turmoil, and this can all be traced back to Brexit.

Even worse, there has been a five-fold increase in reported hate crime since the vote. It would grievously unfair to pin this on Leave campaigners and all those who voted leave, but with immigration being one of the chief pillars of the Leave campaign, the backlash is sadly not surprising. This is not representative of the country I love.

All we can do now is hope that whoever ends up in charge is a capable negotiator.

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