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Black Friday Madness

Black Friday Madness

It would seem the scourge of Black Friday (traditionally a day when America goes nuts over every tiny deal) is now infecting my country. I cannot speak for everyone on this fair isle, but the UK could do without the hysterical scenes typically witnessed on Black Friday across the Pond.

We are normally above the sort of frenzied behaviour that is quite common in the US on this day. Sadly, as Black Friday becomes a bigger deal over here, it seems we are degenerating into the same sort of behaviour.

Why?! Are we just animals now, reduced to rabid creatures foaming at the mouth for things we probably don’t even truly need? Are we not a nation of more calm, considered and rational human beings?

Thankfully, where I work, I have not so far witnessed such mayhem. No one has been fighting in the aisles to get to the nearest deal. No one’s been wrestling with laptops. The fury that’s greeted some retailers has been astonishing.


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