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As I approach the two-month mark at my new career (wow, that’s gone by quick!) I find myself benefiting from a better understanding of who I am and what I can do. It’s natural to approach any new job with a little apprehension, so what I am doing is reminding myself, every day, that I will succeed and I will thrive. There’s no ‘can’, there is will.

It’s also natural to take a little time to settle in. There are people there who are more experienced than I am in this particular field and role, people who I am watching and modelling myself after, whilst reminding myself that there is no point in getting frustrated if I am not booking the same numbers as they are just yet. Of course I won’t be! Did David Beckham or Lionel Messi become brilliant the first time they kicked a ball? Or did they have to work at it? For that matter, they still have to work at it, as does every single person who is at the top of their field, because no one ever achieved anything by being static.

My approach has been to nail the quality. There are certain ‘non-negotiables’ (for us, options for customers) that we need to make sure we discuss with every customer, every time. My employers are savvy enough to know that there are some people who will say no to every option. However, if you don’t ask you will never get, plus, not mentioning these things is actually a disservice to the customer – how can they make an informed choice if they’re not aware of the options? With that in mind, my last few sales I’ve taken my time and absolutely nailed the options. They’ve been great orders, a serious reminder to myself of my abilities (I wasn’t top of several league tables at one of my previous sales roles for nothing), plus it provides a platform to push off from. I am looking forward to earning a lot of money here; now more than ever I know I will do it.

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