An Exercise in Comprehension and Free Speech

Before I delve too deeply into this particular rabbit hole, I feel compelled to issue a few caveats. I do this knowing full well it might perpetuate a mini feud – I also should mention that, unless the person I am passing comment on gives me cause to do so, I won’t make any further responses to them – though should we wind up on the same page, discussing the same video/post/whatever, I make no promises that I will withhold my opinion of said video or post. What this individual needs to realise is that whilst they can indeed control their own board/blog/profile, they cannot silence alternative opinions to their own elsewhere, and if they make statements that directly (or indirectly) are confrontational, they can expect a response in some way shape or form.

Hence why I issued a reply to their thinly veiled jibe about my parenting skills, all because I would let my daughter watch a certain movie. I was not impressed by the sudden and inflammatory post (made even though as per a ‘truce’ made a couple of years ago we had agreed to leave each other alone), and naturally sought to defend myself. I exercised my freedom of speech, I did so without directly referring to this person (and I shall continue to not refer to them directly, unless they give me cause to do otherwise), and I will continue to exercise my right to respond to anything and anyone I please.

So, with all that said, what is it I am aiming to say with this post? To answer my own question, let’s take a look at what I am specifically responding to:

Hey Titan A.E. fans, you should be grateful that I do not harass you over it, I just seek to have my say, avoid arguments, and be left alone about it! 


The suggestion that anyone should be grateful not to be harassed over liking a movie is pretty ironic given their stance on bullying and harassment. Wanting to be left alone is fine, but if you’re prepared to make public posts on a public site, you need to be prepared to deal with conflicting opinions and ideas. If you’re prepared to drop hints that I’m not a good father because I’ll let her watch a film you have an irrational hatred of, you had better be prepared for a pointed reply.

There is more:

I have very strong feelings about it for good reason.  Titan A.E. is the ONLY fictional movie that is so evil, so toxic, so destructive, and so repugnant that it has earned my permanent wrath and hostility.  I will not allow anyone to defend the evil idea of the Drej blowing up Earth in Titan A.E. since it drives a knife through my heart to even defend the idea.  Titan the ONLY fictional movie that I am one-sided against.


It’s a movie. Granted, people can dislike films (there are a fair few that I don’t like), but the idea that someone can be so blinkered they actually hate a film to the point where they ‘will not allow anyone’ to defend it is a sign, in this writer’s opinion, that someone has a seriously skewed sense of focus and priorities. This is only emphasised by the jibe about parental skills (it’s not like I’d let my little girl watch Deadpool, for crying out loud!)

Right, rant over – I am calm!


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