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An Exercise in Comprehension and Free Speech

An Exercise in Comprehension and Free Speech

There are certain things I cannot and will not abide by, irrespective of threats, posturing and beliefs. One such idea is suggesting I am a poor parent because I would like my daughter watch a PG-rated animated film. Another is the notion that as a fan of something, I should be grateful to not get harassed over it.


The suggestion that anyone should be grateful not to be harassed over liking a movie is pretty ironic, given how many people (in some cases the very same people threatening harassment over movies and TV shows) declare the moral high ground on the very same subjects.

It’s a movie. Granted, people can dislike films (there are a fair few that I don’t like), but the idea that someone can be so blinkered they actually hate a film to the point where they ‘will not allow anyone’ to defend it is a sign, in this writer’s opinion, that someone has a seriously skewed sense of focus and priorities. This is only emphasised by jibes about parental skills (it’s not like I’d let my little girl watch Deadpool, for crying out loud!)

Right, rant over – I am calm!


3 thoughts on “An Exercise in Comprehension and Free Speech

  1. Timothy McHugh

    Though I’m glad you edited your “In Defence of” to my liking, I want this post gone too since it’s talking about my views on Titan A.E. without referencing me directly and referring to me as the unnamed “person” or “Individual” you’re talking about, I decided to search for any remaining stuff about our Titan A.E. feud you started and you quoted a couple of things that I in particular said about Titan A.E, so you’re definitely talking about me in this.

      1. DarthTimon Post author

        I will amend, but my point stands in general terms, not just about you, in terms of people threatening harassment over movies and TV shows. It applies to the gatekeeper crowd, the Fandom Menace crowd – it is relevant to now.

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