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Ah Fudge and other Strange Tales

Ah Fudge and other Strange Tales

It was supposed to be a normal school party, with the students preparing their farewells as they embarked upon new chapters of their lives, be it a course set for university or thrusting themselves into the working world. So why was it that he found himself hanging from a girder over a river of liquid toffee, having been roped into a party at a fudge factory?

I know what you’re thinking. ‘ He’s lost his mind’. That’s probably true, but in this instance the above paragraph actually captures the essence of a dream I had the other night. Quite what brought on this strange combination of school leaving-do and confectionery factory is beyond me, but the whole ‘assault course climb over melted fudge that you then dive into’ was completely out of the blue. As dreams go it was entertaining, but if my subconscious would kindly offer a clue as to why I get such bizarre dreams, I would be very grateful. On to other news.

I am now well into month four of my new job. It is a competitive environment but I am grateful that it is a friendly one. As with all things in life practice makes you better and I feel like I am steadily improving. Part of this is due to a stubborn refusal to do anything other than succeed – after all, there’s a lot at stake. Part of it is down to observing the top performers and adopting some of their methods into my own approach. I was due to head out with them for the first time (well, first proper time) on Saturday, but fate has changed plans in a rather unexpected way. My wife won concert tickets so now it looks like we have an unexpected adventure into London instead! I can’t say I’m familiar with Newton Faulkner and his music, but I’ll be more familiar with me after Saturday.

What else is going on? Well, I made an unexpected discovery in town – a dessert bar has opened up which is possibly in line for a post payday visit – especially with stuff like this on the menu:

There’s also some awesome milkshakes on the menu too – I can feel my willpower failing me already.

I learned today just how much I hate assembling trampolines. I must also have forgotten this at some stage, because it’s an experience I’ve repeated more than once. It’s only because my little girl enjoys it that I am prepared to put together this horrid contraption. It was a nightmare.

Note to self – pocket fluff can clog up a phone charging port. Clear out regularly.

I’ve recently returned to using Wii Fit, but not over the past few days. I need to get into the exercise groove somehow – and not let my F1 game on the Wii distract me. I came eighth at the Hungarian Grand Prix, very disappointing given how well I usually go around there.

This is the scene to my immediate left:

A My Little Pony explosion. I’m sure Rainbow Dash is looking at me with murder in her eyes.

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