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A Taste of what’s to come?

A Taste of what’s to come?

So, recently I have been doing some searching. As part of this, I have had to twice travel into London, and not just to the immediate corner of London, but I’ve had to make my way across the city. Cue a voyage on the infamous London Underground.

Last Sunday the journey was diabolical (the result of engineering works that turned the main line portion of the journey into a prolonged nightmare), but today’s trip was more in line with what I expected – 40 minutes into London, then another 20 minutes or so on the Tube (but this doesn’t include the walk to the station, which is about 20 minutes.

So, factoring in any delays or problems, we’re looking at an hour and a half – so a three hour round trip all in all.

Contrast this to my present situation, where I can walk to work in about 20 minutes, so of course, I spend 40 minutes per day ‘traveling’, as it were.

I won’t lie – I feel shattered tonight, and doing this on a regular basis is bound to see that trend continue – mind you, I have a stinking cold (to the point where my right ear feels bunged up!), which isn’t helping the way I feel. At full health, I might not feel so tired!

The new job (should I get it) will be mean less time at home during work days. I will have to leave home earlier and won’t get home till much later – this in turn means less time with my wife and daughter. This is by far the biggest stumbling block for me – I don’t know how well I will take to that set of circumstances.

The other main consideration is of course, money. The potential new job will certainly pay better (and offers commission, which my current job doesn’t), but of course, some of this will be offset by travel expenses. Then of course, there’s potential changes to tax codes and whatnot.

All in all though, when I think of what the new job could mean for my CV, and where it could take me, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that I just can’t afford to pass up. Should I get the job, I can’t begin to properly explain what it would mean for my career. It’s completely stalled with my current employers – but this, this could really change things. I could afford to treat my family far more than I can right now, including nice holidays and surprise treats.

I have one other interview lined up, sort of a ‘Plan B’, which I feel is only prudent. Plan B is actually quite a good prospect in itself, and one I would be quite happy to land – I’ll certainly give it my all in the interview, because I cannot and will not put all my eggs in one basket. Still, for all the hassle of travel, and for all the time away from home, Plan A is what I want.

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