A Blood-soaked Dream



Continuing today’s theme of discussing the murky depths of my subconscious mind, in all its twisted glory, we arrive at a dream that could be described as a nightmare – only it didn’t feel like one.

I wound up joining the army. Yes, I know how absurd that sounds. Stop sniggering. Anyway, I signed up, and this was to some futuristic military unit. I was being sent into battle to fight… xenomorphs.


Cue a dream that involved frantic running around and the furious firing of weaponry in a bid to cut down the swarm before they tore me and my squad to shreds. Like I said, it was a blood-soaked dream. I recall running down dark corridors with red emergency lighting on the walls, and shadows leaving me wondering what might be waiting for me behind the next corner. It was definitely an adrenaline-fuelled dream.

As I haven’t watched Alien or any of the sequels lately, so I can’t explain where this dream came from.

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