Month: December 2017

The Year that was 2017

We are nearly at the end of another year and it’s certainly not lacked for crazy. Idiot in Chief Donald Trump has continued to lower the bar, stunning us all with just how low he can go. He supported misogynists, racists and neo-Nazis through his silence, just when he could have used his voice to… Read more


Do we want to have a look at what an apparently hardcore defender of conservative values thinks of one of the US Constitution’s most important elements? For the record, if you think democracy is not enshrined in the Constitution, take a look here: Here’s the key bit… Section 2 1: The House of Representatives shall… Read more

My Baby

My little girl is poorly, right before Christmas – typical! She is asleep, right next to me, having been up all night, being sick. So far today she’s been better, but clearly not herself. I think the sleep is doing her good though – slowly but surely she’s perking up!

The Deep Breath before the Plunge

So far, my new job has seen me bounce from place to place and take part in a couple of gruelling early starts. I have been to Cambridge, Doncaster and Enfield in London. I’ve been out on the delivery lorries and out with the service team. Twice now (including today) I’ve been involved in what’s… Read more


It may look like winter, but in fact these pics were taken on a typical hot August day here in England. (may be untrue)